Dark Horse Catering
♦ Farm to Table Fresh
♦ Serving All of Long Island
♦ Gluten Free Available

Level 1

You pick up your order at Dark Horse Restaurant in "to go" containers.

Level 2

We deliver to site in "to go" containers. All disposable ware.

Level 3

We deliver to site and serve food cold/hot in cambro containers. We remove food and garbage at end of party.

Level 4

We arrive on site and build a field kitchen. We cook, serve, and clean up when the event ends. Extensive use of stoves, warming cabinets, refrigerators, etc. We assemble, organize, and run a service team. Access to water and electricity is assumed but can be brought onsite if needed.

Level 5

Everything from invitations, decorations and total party organization through execution is available. Tell us what you want, sit back and relax, we will build it for you.

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